Miss Ashley Jaggard

Welcome to my website 


If you are reading this then I must of started recording songs I have either written to sing or songs my mum has written for me to sing, for whatever reasons THANKS heaps for dropping by :)


I perform regularly at the Ashhurst Inn Open Mic Nights where I sing a selection of pop songs including my own songs.

I am a member of the following music oraganisations ... Feilding Glee Club, Ukebox & the Ashhurst Music Club & amazingly enough I manage to maintain quality performances with all 3, as well as having time to fit in monthly performances with the Feilding Country Music Club including last but not least occasional performances with bands like "Wai Knott" (my mum & dads band) as shown in the pic to the left of this paragraph. 



FB posting: Tangi Joiner ... Such a talented gurl xoxoxoxox :)

FB posting: Jamie Daniels ... She's a natural :)

FB posting: Masani Aukusitino ... Eh?? I'm not surprised actually with the musical talent that runs in the family :)


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